Devario Spiral Ovens

Continuous spiral ovens

small footprint - large capacity

continuous cooking for all your products, including …..


Devario Spiral Ovens offer many benefits to food manufacturers looking to increase their cooking capacity particularly where space is limited. Spiral ovens offer up to 300% more capacity than linear travelling ovens with the same footprint. When compared to batch cooking, the spiral oven also eliminates the space needed for racks and reduces the amount of product handling required.


Gas or electric heating is available and all versions feature fan assisted airflow throughout the enclosure for even heat transfer. Energy efficiency is maximised by reducing thermal losses and eliminating the heating & cooling cycles associated with batch cooking. Loading and unloading is continuous to better suit upstream downstream processes.


All the product follows the same helical path through the oven resulting in every piece being exposed to the same conditions, variations that might occur in rack ovens or across the width of a wide linear oven conveyor belt are eliminated. The humidity control system helps maintain yield and allows faster cooking while maintaining product quality.

Standard features include:

  • touch-screen controls
  • electric or gas heating
  • 6-150 min residence time
  • 240°C max temperature
  • integrated CIP system
  • continuous belt washer
  • variable fan speed
  • recipe storage
  • English, French, Spanish & German language support
Devario Spiral Oven